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About App

What are the benefits provided by Adfairs?

Adfairs provides numerous benefits for every party involved in a trade show (organiser, exhibitors, attendees)


  • Enables to manage event communication and generates real-time push notifications.
  • Help clients to increase their visibility and make the most of their investments and presence at the show.
  • Provides clients with the most effective tool to manage sales during the event and afterwards.
  • Greater prestige and attractiveness of events and the facility.
  • Additional profit through an expanded retail offer.
  • Improved communication between visitors and exhibitors.
  • Access to advanced statistics enabling growth.


  • A mobile solution that allows to generate the interest before, during and after the show.
  •  The only available tool on the market, that captures personalised leads and notifies just in time when customer takes action on the profle.
  • A new, direct advertising channel enabling to reach a strictly selected group of customers and effective promotion of a company.
  • Better visibility of a stand for visitors. Search and find it easily, thanks to the map-based navigation.
  • A database of customers actually interested in the retail offer.
  • Access to the statistics of visitors that looked for the company’s profile in the app.


  • Personalized diary that enables to store the most valuable information and to have access to it at any time before, during and after the show.
  • Features that help visitors show their interest only to exhibitor’s they find worth remembering and to stay in touch with them long time after the event.
  • Precise search of exhibitors (e.g. via name, keywords).
  • Interactive map with navigation to reach selected stands, strategic points (e.g. conference rooms, toilets).
  • Agenda of the fairs with reminders about the events.
When I can expect the app to be ready?

It takes us only 20 working days to prepare your 'tailor-made' app, once all necessary materials are provided.

How can I increase app download rate?

Please, download the document we prepared for you to make the best out of your event (Download). 

What additional functionalities and benefits are gained by the Organizer?

The organizer, apart from providing the exhibitors and attendees of the fair with functionalities that fulfil their needs, personally receives a bundle of functions that make the event management more efficient:

  • An Organizer’s panel that enables for the management of communications, before and during the event. 
  • The ability to generate push notifications and updates for the guests, in real time.
  • An additional channel for promoting other of the Organizer’s events among the exhibitors and fair attendees.

Business Contacts

How to use the “business data” tab?

In the “business data” tab, there are two sub-tabs:

  • Visitors who applied themselves – attendees who scanned your QR code, or added your profile to 'favorites'. 

  • Visitors scanned by you – contact data of attendees who have been scanned by you using AdScanner.

In each sub-tab, we will find a business contact position with the consideration of the customer’s age, name and surname, e-mail address, specific date along with the hour, when the app user has added the profile to 'favorites', as well as support data, which can be used for contact planning after the trade fair has ended, such as:

  • Temperature – calculated on a scale between 50 and 100 degrees and determined adequately to the quality of undertaken actions – a dozen or so, or several dozens of points for viewing the tab or website, and up to 10 point after accessing the profile, discount, etc.
  • The number of undertaken interactions – the number of interactions, which the user has undertaken in regard to the exhibitor, with a specific date and hour assigned to a given action, such as accessing the profile, downloading the attachment, etc.

All data can be exported to a Microsoft Excel sheet with one click.

How can the exhibitor collect business contacts?

The exhibitor can collect business contacts using the AdScanner app. All that the exhibitor has to do is to scan the identity tag of the attendee and his/hers contact data are automatically saved in the “business data” tab, with the consideration of the specific hour and date of the scan. The identity tag can be scanned at any time during contact with the visitor, such as during a conversation or after it has ended. A second option is to convince the visitors to scan the QR code, which has to be generated, beforehand, in the exhibitor’s panel and has to be placed at the exhibition booth, during the trade fair, in a visible spot with easy access. After scanning of the QR code by the attendee, the exhibitor’s profile is added to 'favourites', thanks to which the exhibitor gains access to his/hers data and information on the undertaken actions on the profile.

How to increase the sale of lead accesses?

The Organizer can significantly impact the number of sold lead accesses using the available communication channels with the exhibitors, e.g.: 

  • informing the exhibitors about the possibility to purchase business contacts access at the contract conclusion stage.
  • communicating the app’s availability, its functionality and benefits at the trade fair website, as well as social profiles.
  • directing newsletter/mailings at the exhibitors, which contain information about the app and the option to purchase access to data of potential customers.


How long does the exhibitor have access to the exhibitor's portal?

The exhibitor has access to the portal for 6 months. In practice it means that even few months after the event, the exhibitor still can finalize the business deal with the event's attendees.

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